MarcoRocks Foundation Rock (Single Side Cut – Per LB)

MarcoRocks Foundation Rock (Single Side Cut – Per LB)




Foundation rock is the perfect all-natural choice for the bottom section of an aqua-scape.  Place it right against the glass bottom before adding sand for an ultra solid build.  Machined from MarcoRocks ReefSaver rock- MR Foundation is the perfect choice for any aqua-scape design.  All MR rocks are harvested on land from an extinct reef system buried when the Florida land mass was formed.

MarcoRocks is the choice of many public aquariums, aquaculture facilities and custom tank builders.

Shown below 200 galis a typical Foundation rock weighing roughly 5 lbs and sized at approx 10″ Long by 6″ Wide by 3″ tall.  On the scape pic the rocks touching the glass are MR Foundation Rock.  Most of the rock above is MR Premium Shelf.  Pictured is a ~200 gallon tank utilizing roughly 50lbs of Foundation, 70 lbs of Premium Shelf and 30 lbs of Reef Saver Rock.