ITC Reefculture Reef Delete

ITC Reefculture Reef Delete


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Effectively remove unwanted aquarium pests with Reef Delete!

ITC Reefculture Reef Delete uses patented technology and a custom ultra-focused Class 3 UV-C light source to destroy the DNA inside aquarium pests. This method causes devastating damage to the target organisms’ cells allowing the pests to decay naturally without the ability to rejuvenate. With Reef Delete, no chemicals are used, and it is completely safe for aquarium inhabitants.

Key Features:

  • New model; LED is 1.7x stronger
  • Destroys Bubble Algae, Cyano, Flatworms, Aiptasia, Mojano, Invasive soft corals e.g., Xenia and other similar pests
  • Built-in safety features
  • Rated IP-68
  • Chemical-free, reef safe
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
ITC Reefculture Reef Delete Kills Aquarium Pests

Reef Delete is the ultimate pest control tool for reef tanks!

Unlike chemical treatments, you cannot overdose Reef Delete on a target specimen. The more exposure given, the faster the organism will break down—it can be used multiple times without fear of causing damage to the water chemistry!

To make Reef Delete safe and effective, a host of built-in safety features were factored into the design. This includes protecting accidental activation outside of the aquarium, thus preventing the user from accidental UV-C exposure. Reef Delete can only be used underwater for the purpose it has been designed for.

ITC Reefculture Reef Delete
Reef Delete Box Contents




What’s In the Box:

  • Safety Goggles
  • Reef Delete Device
  • Instructions
  • UVC Test Card

Safety Note: Reef Delete is a powerful class 3UV-C light source. UV-C is harmful to human and animal eyes and skin. Users must always follow the instructions and use the provided UV400 goggles. That said, UV-C cannot penetrate through glass or acrylic well/at all, and we include a UV-C test card which has a special printed section that only glows under UV-C light so you can ensure that no UVC is escaping through your tank as well as verify that it works properly, as the human eye cannot see UV-C light.