AZOO Nitrite (NO2) Test Kit

AZOO Nitrite (NO2) Test Kit


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For freshwater, aquatic plant, saltwater, reef aquariums and ponds
NO2 is transformed from NH/NH4, and is the byproduct when bacteria
decompose protein.  Even when NO2 levels are only slightly above 0.1 mg/l,
it will poison fishes.  NO2 causes numerous symptoms, including
decreased appetite, fading body colors, insufficient oxygen uptake, and makes
fish vulnerable to diseases.  So, NO2 levels are very important factors in water.
NO2 levels should be maintained at 0 mg/l in aquariums.
Each kit includes a sample vial, and reagent for 35 tests.

1. When NO2 level is above 0.1 mg/l, it will be harmful for fish.
So, NO2 must be maintained at 0 mg/l.
2. When NO2 is found in the aquarium, an immediate water change is required, and add
AZOO BIO-BACTERIA immediately.

0.1~5.0 mg/l

Measurement Vial: 1
Spoon: 1
Color chart: 1