Reef Octopus Octo Lux 48gal T90 Aquarium, Full System Gloss Black

Reef Octopus Octo Lux 48gal T90 Aquarium, Full System Gloss Black


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48gal Complete Aquarium System

Includes: LUX Aquarium, PVC Sump with Filter Sock, ATO Float Valve, AQ3000 Water Pump, Classic 150int Protein Skimmer, Gloss Black Cabinet

Modern Design to Suit Any Lifestyle

The OCTO LUX All-In-One Aquarium System combines a contemporary, stunning rimless aquarium with a complimenting stylish white or black cabinet, a comprehensive water management system with return pump, PVC sump with integrated automatic top-off and Reef Octopus’s unique slimflow overflow. Biopellet Reactor NOT INCLUDED with OCTO LUX system.

THE LUX Aquarium

These quality rimless show tanks feature stunningly clear 3/8″ low iron glass on all viewable panes, sleek black background and ShinEust black glue joints for strength and durability. Each aquarium comes standard with Reef Octopus unique Slim Flow System and a built-in fresh water reservoir.


The stand is optimally designed for pleasurable viewing and easy access while maintaining your aquarium. The stand/cabinet is made with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard – an E1 grade environmentally friendly material) and laminated surfaces for excellent water resistance.

Available in Pearl White and Gloss Black laminated finish that blend with most spaces and highlights the aquarium inhabitants. The cabinet is designed to hide all the plumbing and most cables within the cabinet. The back panel of the cabinet is also finished to help dampen any unwanted noise from your aquariums drains and equipment. A square opening is placed on the back panel of the stand for running power cords or additional plumbing through and allow adequate ventilation.

LUX 90 Specifications

Dimensions: 35 x 18 x 18in (LxWxH)
Tank Volume: 48gal
Reservoir Volume: 1.5gal
Cabinet Height: 39.5in
Sump Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 16in (LxWxH)
Protein Skimmer: Classic 150int