Panta Rhei ECM 63 Hydrowizard – 10M Cable

Panta Rhei ECM 63 Hydrowizard – 10M Cable




The Panta Rhei EMC63 Hyrdrowizard is a state of the art in-tank hi flow, silent propeller pump. German designed and engineered for superior performance and efficiency. Silent movement of over 13,421 gph. Variable speed, Random, Pulse, Wave Mode. Includes super magnets to mount the Hydrowizard to the side of your aquarium. Up to 13,421 gph with a maximum consumption of 120 watts. The absolute best of the best in in-tank water movement pumping technology.

This pump has a 10m cable length between pump and controller.

Panta Rhei ECM 63 Hydro Wizard- The true hot rod of flow pumps. Silent and built to last, period. Also shown is the optional Honey Comb Basket to shroud the intake of the pump. This will reduce surface area attraction on the intake side of the pump. It is mainly to keep snails and other inverts as well as small fish from being destroyed. If snails enter the pump chamber they can destroy the impeller. Replacement impellors are available through Unique as well. Price shown here does not inlcude the Honey Comb basket.

This is the US Version.  (110V)  No inverter is required.

Panta Rhei software is already included in this controller so a USB adapter is no longer required.