Panta Rhei ECM 42 Hydrowizard Pro

Panta Rhei ECM 42 Hydrowizard Pro




The Panta Rhei EMC42 Hyrdrowizard is a state of the art in-tank hi flow, silent, propeller pump. German designed and engineered for superior performance and efficiency. Silent Movement of over 2,968 gph. Variable speed, Random, Pulse, Wave Mode. Includes super magnets to mount the Hydrowizard to the side of your aquarium. Up to 2,968 gph with a maximum consumption of 31 watts. US Version so no inverter is required.  (110V)

Improvements over The ECM 42 Hydrowizard-

Works with glass up to 20mm thick.

-Black body with tighter spacing between intake fins means less chance of sucking up an unsuspecting fish or snail.

-Improved Impeller design increases pump efficiency.

-5m cable vs 2m on the ECM 42