Platinum DC Blue 800 Pump – 793 gph


Platinum DC Blue 800 Pump – 793 gph

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Platinum DC Blue 800 Pump – 793 gph

-Sine wave technology, super quiet <20dB

-DC voltage

-Durable, corrosion resistant

-High flow rates, no attenuation

-High performance, compact size

-For external or submersible use


-For saltwater and freshwater

-Suitable for a variety of scenarios with different inlet and outlet options

-5-year warranty

The Platinum Blue Variable Frequency pump is a controllable pump with sine wave technology that is super quiet! It packs a big punch with its high performance in a compact size. The 6-Pole DC Motor allows for variable speed, quiet operation, and better control; its thickened and insulated ABS shell further reduces noise. The high quality copper core equips the pump with a powerful flow and head pressure. Full controllability with built-in LED Fault Indicator allows you to facilitate troubleshooting. The Platinum DC Blue series pumps are low voltage and ultra energy efficient drawing 1/3 of the electricity compared to regular pumps.

Steady Flow Rate Mode (20 Levels) – The pump will work in mode 1 when powered on. You can change the speed by pushing the “speed” key. When the indicator screen shows the number “101,” that means you have chosen the lowest flow at mode 1. When the indicator screen shows the number “120,” that means maximum flow rate is at mode 1.

Wave-Making Mode (20 Levels) – Before using wave-making mode (mode 2), you should lower the speed level. For a normal fish tank, the suitable speed is 02 and the indicator screen will show “102.” To change into wave-making mode, press “Mode,” and the indicator screen will show “202” (that means level 2 at mode 2), then press “speed” to change the wavelength.

Feed Mode – Press “Feed” until the indicator screen shows the number “410.” The pump will then stop working during your fish feeding time. Meanwhile, the indicator screen starts the countdown with it shows the number “49.” The countdown is 10 minutes. When the screen shows the number “40,” that means the countdown is over and the pump will start.

1. Please clean the wave pump regularly to ensure its effectiveness.
2. If there is water on the surface of the controller, please wipe with dry cloth to prevent water from getting into the controller.
3. If the pump stops working, first check the power adapter, then removed the foot of pump, open the pump lid by counterclockwise rotation, then clean the inner side of the pump.
4. This product is used indoor, don’t let the controller and adapter fall into the water.

1. Running the pump dry will diminish its ability to perform at its highest level.
2. Keep the controller and adapter away from the water.
3. To avoid damage, please don’t open the controller and adapter.

Flow rate: 793 gph
Head pressure: 11.5 ft
Min Power Consumption: 10W
Max Power Consumption: 40W
Voltage: DC 24V
Dimensions: 4.7” x 2.8” x 5.1”
Inlet: 3/4”
Outlet: 3/4”