ProfiLux Expansion Box 2, Black, USA/CND

ProfiLux Expansion Box 2, Black, USA/CND


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With the Expansion Box 2, the aquarium controller, ProfiLux 4 can be upgraded to allow for even more expansion capabilities. The new Expansion Box 2 connects to the Profilux via the secure ProfiLux Aquatic Bus.

Unlock the full potential of your ProfiLux by adding add one or more Expansion Boxes to the controller.

ProfiLux automatically detects the newly present features.

Expansion Box 2 Features:

  • 4 x 1-10V-interfaces
  • 2 x Universal ports for pH or redox probes (adjustable)
  • 1 x Universal port for conductivity freshwater or seawater (adjustable)
  • 1 x Port for digital temperature sensor
  • 1 x Mitras Lightbar interface
  • 2 x ProfiLux Aquatic Bus
  • 2 x Level sensor input
  • 4 x Additional expansion slots for our expansion cards.

ProfiLux Expansion Cards can be inserted easily into the provided expansion slots. They are automatically detected by the ProfiLux Computer and expandable with each other as desired.

Dimensions: B x W x H = 220 mm x 150 mm x 55 mm

* PAB cable NOT included