Anthias, Red Barbier Anthias (Baldwinella vivanus)

Anthias, Red Barbier Anthias (Baldwinella vivanus)


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Red Barbier Anthias
Baldwinella vivanus

Temperate Water: 20⁰C/68⁰F

Collection Depth: 200-400 ft

Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Maximum Length: 9.9″

Range: Western Atlantic: Canada to North Carolina and northern Gulf of Mexico to Brazil.

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Diet: Planktivore.  We recommend LRS Reef Frenzy, LRS Fish Frenzy, PE Mysis, and high quality meaty frozen foods.

Coral Tank Compatibility: Safe with corals.  Use caution with smaller tankmates, as well as ornamental shrimps, and select clean up crew.

Aquarium Size: 125 gallons or greater.