AquaLife Pro Refractometer

AquaLife Pro Refractometer


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AquaLife Refractometer

-Automatic Temperature Compensation

-Wide scale range for seawater or salt treatment in freshwater

-Salinity Range 0 to 100ppt

-Specific gravity:±0.001

-Accuracy ±0.1 percent

-Anti-slip body

AquaLife’s Refractometer is a high-quality instrument to add to your aquarium toolbox, allowing you to measure salinity at your convenient. This solid, lightweight aluminum body refractometer with a stainless steel calibration screw has all the features and precision of much more expensive models. This refractometer has a compact eye piece and lab-quality prisms and lens for accurate, professional readings. The dual scale also reads specific gravity to ±0.001. It includes a solid storage case, pipette, cleaning cloth and instructions. Use with AquaLife Refractometer Calibration Standard solutions for the MOST accurate readings.