VIV Sea Skimmer Glass Nano Protein Skimmer

VIV Sea Skimmer Glass Nano Protein Skimmer


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VIV Glass Sea Skimmer Nano Protein Skimmer

-Most favored high quality, hand-blown glass pipes in the aquatic world

-Enhance the look and function of your aquarium without taking away from it

-Removes dissolved organic waste from the water, resulting in fewer water changes

-Small footprint does not distract from aquascape or aquarium

VIV’s Glass Skimmer is the embodiment of minimalist VIV design with the nano aquarium in mind. This beautifully hand-crafted skimmer takes a better, more simple approach. Its ultra clean look and all glass appearance makes the skimmer one of the most attractive designs from VIV yet. The air driven design reduces the overall footprint and avoids adding any heat to the tank. The VIV glass skimmer will remove dissolved organic waste while also increasing gas exchange in the water.

Small and simple, made from clear Pyrex glass
Does not detract from the aquascape of the aquarium, designed with an emphasis on functional beauty
Small footprint eliminates wasted space, it is designed for minimal visual distraction
Quiet and efficient, this skimmer will help reduce the frequency of water replacement
Easily keeps fish and coral reefs healthier
Oxygenates the tank and increases efficiency of beneficial bacteria
No spatter due to aeration and leaves no stain on the tank frame

■ Removes dissolved organic waste from the water, resulting in fewer water changes and improved water quality
■ Transparent design allows you to watch as it removes waste from your aquarium
■ Waste is sent to the large external tank
■ The pressure in the skimmer increases gas exchange and dissolves oxygen into the water
■ Prevents the formation of micro bubbles, therefore is more gentle on the tank’s inhabitants
■ Constant water movement inside the skimmer keeps the unit looking clean and it does not quickly accumulate dirt
■ Very quiet operation (can be installed in a bedroom tank)

Main body: 11” x 1 1/8”
Reservoir: 11 1/2” x 3”
Water Volume: up to 35 gallons
Air pump: 1.2 Liter per minute or more *not included
Tank Edge: Less than 3/4” wide


* You will need to purchase a small air pump to drive this skimmer