AquaLife Simple Science Calcium Part B, 5 Gallon

AquaLife Simple Science Calcium Part B, 5 Gallon


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AquaLife Simple Science Calcium Reef Supplement Part B- 5 Gallon

-Raises calcium in reef aquarium

-Ionically Balanced Formula

-Formulated for Maximum Results

Ships in reusable 5 gallon container!

Preserving the correct balance of important chemical components of seawater is crucial to the long term success of every marine reef aquarium. Of primary importance to the survival of corals, mollusks and many other reef invertebrates is the supply of calcium and carbonate ions. Without these components in the correct ionic ratio, invertebrates cannot deposit calcium carbonate in their skeletons or shells. Because organisms extract calcium and carbonate ions from the surrounding water, regular supplementation is necessary to replenish these ions.

Every reef aquarium is different in terms of the kind and number of organisms living in it, and therefore the rate at which calcium and carbonate ions are removed from the water. It is therefore impossible to give all-inclusive instructions for using this or any other liquid supplement product. It is necessary to determine by means of water tests, the calcium concentration, alkalinity and magnesium concentration of the aquarium. Once this information is obtained, it is relatively easy to calculate the quantity of supplement to be added. Typical ocean surface values for these parameters are: Magnesium1280 ppm; Calcium 420 ppm; Alkalinity 2.5 meq/L (7dKH).

Adjustment of the magnesium concentration should be done first. Unless magnesium is present in sufficient quantity, the addition of calcium and alkalinity supplements will simply result in chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate.

Formulated from high-purity ingredients, AquaLife Simple Science Alkalinity Part C contains no silicate, nitrate, phosphate or organic matter, and was designed by a professional biologist to be ionically balanced with AquaLife Simple Science Calcium Part B. Different brands of calcium and alkalinity supplements should not be combined, to avoid imbalances.
Each ml of product added per gallon will increase the calcium concentration by 19.4 ppm when used as directed. Calculate the correct dosage by following four simple steps.

Do not exceed 1ml/10gal every other day without testing the water and following instructions below. Use with equal parts AquaLife Simple Science Alkalinity Part C. Do not mix products together. Add measured amount of product gradually, in an area of high water movement.

Calcium adjustment dosage:

1. Measure the calcium concentration of the aquarium.

2. Decide how much you wish to increase the calcium concentration. For example, if the aquarium tests 380 ppm and you want to reach a target concentration of 420 ppm, the amount of the increase is 40 ppm.

3. Multiply the amount of increase by the number of net gallons in the system.

4. Multiply the result from step three by 0.0515. The result is the number of milliliters of supplement needed to reach the desired concentration.

To convert milliliters to:

· teaspoons, divide by 5.

· tablespoons, divide by 15.

· fluid ounces, divide by 30.

· cups, divide by 240.