AquaLife Simple Science Sodium Carbonate, 15lb

AquaLife Simple Science Sodium Carbonate, 15lb


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Simple Science Sodium Carbonate- 15lb

-Raises alkalinity in reef aquariums

Corals and many other reef invertebrates require a constant supply of both calcium and carbonate in order to construct their skeletons. Before initiating a program of calcium and alkalinity supplementation, it is crucial to adjust the magnesium concentration of the aquarium to approximate the natural seawater concentration of 1280 ppm. Otherwise, unwanted chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate may occur.

Preparing Solutions: To prepare a solution equivalent to AquaLife Ion-Balance Alkalinity supplement, dissolve one household measuring cup MINUS one tablespoon of this product in one liter of water, preferably RO or de-ionnized water. To prepare one gallon of solution, dissolve 3 3/4 household measuring cups in one gallon of water. Do not add dry powder directly to the aquarium. Always dissolve in a small amount of water first. Follow the instructions for determining how to dose the prepared solution.

When prepared as directed, solution will contain 2000 meq/L of alkalinity. Each ml of product added per gallon will increase alkalinity by 0.526 meq/L or 1.47 dKH or 26.3 ppm.

Do not exceed 1ml/10gal every other day without testing the water and following instructions below. Use with equal parts AquaLife Calcium Chloride solution. Do not mix products together. Add measured amount of product gradually, in an area of high water movement. This product may increase pH, which should be monitored.

Dosing instructions:

1. Measure the alkalinity of the aquarium in meq/L. 1meq/L = 2.8 dKH = 50 ppm

2. Decide how much you wish to increase the alkalinity. For example, if the aquarium tests 6 dKH and your target is 7 dKH, the difference is 1 dKH or .36 meq/L.

3. Multiply the amount of increase in meq/L desired by the number of net gallons in the aquarium.

4. Multiply the result from step three by 1.9 to obtain the number of milliliters of supplement to be added.

For routine dosing once tank parameters are in the correct range, add alkalinity supplement in an amount equal to the amount of calcium supplement added.

To convert milliliters to:

· teaspoons, divide by 5.

· tablespoons, divide by 15.

· fluid ounces, divide by 30.

· cups, divide by 240.