Up Aqua Siphon Cleaner

Up Aqua Siphon Cleaner


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Up Aqua Siphon Cleaner

-Perfect for cleaning tanks up to 75 gallons

-2 sizes of rigid tubing to accommodate deep or shallow tanks

-Suction ball valve included for no mess start

Up Aqua’s Siphon Cleaner is perfect for cleaning tanks up to 75 gallons. Use suction force and gravity to easily clean your gravel while changing your water. This unit features a large diameter (1.5”) extension tube that will allow heavy gravel to settle to the bottom while all the lightweight waste and debris is sucked safely out of the tank. Adjustable vacuum cup can be trimmed down to fit the specific need of your tank. Also included in the vacuum cup is a plastic screen that prevents large debris from getting stuck in the smaller diameter flexible tubing.

The Siphon Cleaner comes with 2 sizes of rigid tubing to accommodate deep or shallow tanks. Use the flow control valve with the large opening for gravel. For sand or delicate plants, use the flow control valve with the small opening. This gravel siphon also comes with a suction ball valve for an easy, no mess start to your siphon. Simply squeeze the ball valve and release until water flows through. With all the options available in this one unit there is no need to look any further for the perfect siphon for your tank.


8” Large diameter tube
7” Siphon tube with screen
4” Rigid tube connector
11” Rigid tube connector
35” Flexible tubing segment
Small diameter control valve
Large diameter control valve
Suction ball valve

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