Spectra SP200 18″ LED Light, Black

Spectra SP200 18″ LED Light, Black



Reef Depth Spectrum System SPECTRA SP200

This is the LED coral growing light you’ve been waiting for, with a reef depth spectrum that meets the rigorous demands of aquariums and research facilities!

  • Depth Spectrum 0-30m (Spectrum intensity Safe)
  • PPFD FLAT Distribution (New V-beam Reflectors)
  • Lunar Function (Realistic Ray Intensity)
  • Thunder Schedule (Up to 3 mixed)
  • Connection via Router * Up to 10 units
  • Synchronized by WiFi * Up to 3 units (+Apps)
  • OLED & All Functions can be operated by the Unit
  • Advanced Apps (iOS/Android)
  • Variable Drive (1W/2W/3W Drive)
  • 95mm Large Fans with Removable Fan Covers
  • High-Quality LEDS×70 (74 chips)
  • 8 Channel Dimmer
  • Thermal Protection (With Emergency Stop)

Reproducing the water quality of a coral reef is very time-consuming…
That’s why we want to make coral reef ambient light reproduction an easy task!
With SPECTRA, it’s very easy to create the correct reef depth spectrum!


SPECTRA boasts 3 new features that are coral-friendly

SPECTRA has 3 new features that are coral friendly!
Coral Stress!

Coral-friendly 1. Reef Depth Spectrum of SPECTRA

Reef Depth Spectrum

Since SPECTRA comes pre-installed with the reef depth spectra from 0-30m,
you can easily set the specific depth spectra, by selecting the depth at which the coral was collected, or grown in captivity under!

This alone is enough for coral photosynthesis, and easily provides the right light environment.

On top of that, if you want to make the coral colors “pop”,
determine whether the color is fluorescent protein, or chromoprotein,
and then arrange the default depth spectrum appropriately.
Example: CFP (Cyan fluorescent protein) → Increase the UV/Violet channel by 10-20%.
Example: BFP (Blue fluorescent protein) → Increase the UV/Violet channel by 20-30%.

Reef Depth Spectrum | APP screen

SPECTRA reef depth spectrum allows you to customize the wavelength intensity to suit the desired coral color.

In addition, SPECTRA depth spectrum is equipped with a mechanism that automatically preserves
the blue-band (400-500nm) wavelength intensity common to all depths,
so that the amount of light in the deep field does not exceed the amount of light in the shallow field.

This is the first care function for the coral-friendly SPECTRA.

* Avoid extreme wavelength intensity, as excessive wavelength intensity can cause photoinhibition and bleaching.

SPECTRA dimming is not lost

SPECTRA’s depth spectrum is aquarist/ user friendly.
SPECTRA has two dimming systems, “Simple Dimmer (based on depth)” and “Expert Dimmer (for professionals)”,
but unless you are familiar with coral pigments, you won’t know what wavelengths to use and which intensity to use,
and the same is true for other lights.
In this regard, SPECTRA can first set a rough depth of water with simple dimming, and then arrange
it appropriately with expert dimming to achieve the optimal light environment.

Coral-friendly 2. SPECTRA V-beam Reflector

V-beam Reflectors

SPECTRA has succeeded in the original development of an optical reflector that has an infinitely
flat light intensity distribution with less light intensity loss than conventional optical lens systems.
It is called a “V-beam reflector”.

Its characteristics are exactly like a T5 fluorescent lamp,
and the inherent contrast difference between light and dark LEDS has been largely eliminated.

For example, take a look at the graph below.
The left is the light intensity distribution of the old KR93SP and the right is the SPECTRA.
You can see that the light intensity distribution of the third row of 60cm (purple) has been improved to infinitely flat.

PPFD distribution comparison with ordinary LED light
PPFD distribution comparison with ordinary LED light

* In fact the light distribution from a depth of water shallower than “60cm” will be uniform because of the reflections obtained on the aquarium glass surface.

PPFD distribution comparison image with ordinary LED light

The light reaches every corner of the tank by using the reflection of the aquariums glass surface
to illuminate every part of the aquarium evenly, and the light hits the sides and front of the coral,
promoting beautiful pigmentation throughout the coral.
Secondly, because strong light is not concentrated directly underneath the lighting,
coral does not suffer from light inhibition, bleaching, or other “burn” phenomena,
even if the coral is placed directly underneath the lighting.

This is the second care function for the coral-friendly SPECTRA.

* On the other hand, the whole tank will be brighter, so you may need to be creative about where to place the LPS.

Coral-friendly 3. SPECTRA’s Lunar Cycle Function

Lunar function run intensity

SPECTRA also paid a lot of attention to lunar rays.

What a great way to reproduce the brightness of realistic lunar rays!

During normal operation, SPECTRA is controlled as a “percentage (0-100%)”,
but during moonlighting it is controlled as a “basis point (0.00-100.00%)”
(a second decimal place is also displayed on the LCD panel).
This mechanism allows the correct lunar ray spectrum to be illuminated
even with a faint lunar ray setting of 1 lux brightness.

This is the third care function for the coral-friendly SPECTRA.

* The depth spectrum of your choice can be assigned to the lunar spectrum.

Correctly reproduces the lunar ray spectrum, even at a weak lunar ray intensity of 1 lux
Correctly reproduces the lunar ray spectrum, even at a weak lunar ray intensity of 1 lux

Added VitalWave UVA370 to SPECTRA reproduces full spectrum sunlight!

By adding a UVA 370nm wavelength to SPECTRA,
full-spectrum sunlight, which also covers UV rays, can be reproduced.
The 400-700nm range of visible light is assigned to SPECTRA,
and the 350-400nm UVA region is assigned to VitalWave UVA370.
This makes it possible to meet the light requirements of all photosynthetic organisms at a high level,
not only terrestrial plants, but also aquatic plants, sea grasses and corals.

Add VitalWave UVA370 to SPECTRA becomes full sunlight!
Add VitalWave UVA370 to SPECTRA becomes full sunlight!

The UVA region is a wavelength that has a significant impact on pigmentation, mainly as a UV defense,
promoting redness, such as anthocyanin in terrestrial plants and fluorescent protein
and pigmentation responses in corals.

Other Features

Thunder Scheduling Function

Thunder Scheduling Example

The thunder scheduling feature has three presets, each of which can be configured with an interval of occurrence,
time of occurrence, and number of flashes, so that complex lightning effects can be reproduced when used together.

* The thunder spectrum can be assigned to the depth spectrum of your choice.

Router Connection Function

Example connection via router

If you use your home WiFi router, you can control up to 10 SPECTRA units from your smartphone.
Also, since it is via the router, you can operate it while you are on the Internet.

* Please use the 2.4GHz band as the 5GHz band is not supported.

WiFi Synchronization Function

WiFi synchronization function

Even if you don’t have a WiFi router at home, SPECTRA can synchronize 1 parent device(Master)
with 4 children(Slave *including smartphones) via WiFi communication.

* If you want to operate with 2 smartphones, you can operate up to 2 SPECTRA.
* Just by setting the dependency, that unit becomes a child(Slave) that synchronizes with the parent(Master).

Variable Drive Function

Variable drive function

It is possible to increase or decrease the brightness of the entire lighting in three levels
without changing the pre set programs. For example, if you change the installation height of the light,
you would normally have to change all the dimmers for each stage of the auto setting,
but use the variable drive function, you can switch the product’s power consumption
to 70W mode, 140W mode, and 200W mode.

Equipped with Two Large 95mm Fans & Removable Fan Covers

Equipped with two large 95mm FANs & Removable FAN Cover

Since the power consumption of the SPECTRA is up to 200W,
two large 95mm fans are installed to ensure both airflow,  and whisper quiet operation.
Also, the fans do not rotate constantly, but instead monitor the heat sink temperature and activate when it exceeds 35 degrees celcius.
In addition, the fan covers are detachable, so that they can be washed in purified water, when cleaning dust from the fans.

Take advantage of an App for your smartphone!

To operate SPECTRA on your smartphone, download the App for your smartphone by searching for “ECOPTO-SP
in the APP store
or Play store, or install it from below.

App name : “ECOPTO-SP
Operating Environment : iOS 9.0 and above / Android 4.4 and above
* “ECOPTO” is an app for VitalWave.

Download APP for iOS
for iPhone/iPad
Download from App Store
Download APP for Android
for Android
Get by Google Play

APP screen
APP screen

* Even if you don’t have a smartphone, all functions are available at the button on the unit.
(except for a few function)

Product Information

Product Specifications

* Prices are current as of July, 2021.
Model SPECTRA SP200 Operation On Panel, APP(Android/iOS)
Size/Color 18inch / Silver, Black Mode Auto, Manual, Thunder, Demo, (Synchronization)
Wattage 200W (max) Depth 0-30m (1m step) * Full wavelength adjustable
Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz Wavelength
(8 channels)
UV : 405-410nm
Violet : 430-435nm
DeepBlue : 450-455nm
Blue : 470-475nm
Cyan : 495-500nm
DeepRed : 660+680nm
CoolWhite : 7000-8000K
NeutralWhite : 4000-4500K
Dimension W470×D200×H41mm
Weight 2.9 kg (GROSS 5.5 kg)
LED emitters Cree, LITE-ON, Epileds
Beam Angle 80° V-Beam Reflector
Monitor OLED Panel Disable Switch UV, DeepRed
Radio WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n Variable Drive 1W Drive(70W), 2W Drive(140W), 3W Drive(200W)
Radio Act R206-000519 Nature Effect Reef Depth Spectrum, Lunar, Thunder
Safety Standards FCC, UL, CE, PSE, MIC Accessories AC-Adaptor,
Wrench×2,Tank Bracket×2, Stand Arm×4,
Wire kit×2, USB cable,
User Guige
Terminals mini USB (for Firmware update)
List price $1,399.00

Spectrum Intensity Graph (LED emitters base)

SPECTRA - Spectrum Intensity(Channel)
SPECTRA - Spectrum Intensity(Depth)

PPFD Distribution Graph


LED Specifications

* There is a slight error in LED wavelength and output
* Specifications are subject to change without notice
Channel UV Violet DeepBlue Blue Cyan DeepRed 8000K 4000K
LED qty 10 10 6 10 10 4 6 14
Range 405-410nm 430-435nm 450-455nm 470-475nm 495-500nm 660+680nm 7000-8000K 4000-4500K
Model LTPL-C034UVH405 LTPL-C034UVH430 XP-E2 XP-E2 EP-U4545K Dual chips XP-E2 XT-E
mW @1W 600-700mW 600-700mW 500-600mW 40-45lm 80-90lm 200-300mW 140-150lm 130-140lm

Appearance and Part Description

Appearance and Part Description


Precautions for use

  • Both channels use LED emitters that emit very strong light energy, so never look directly into the light.
    A risk of blindness may occur!
  • Use at a position and angle so that children will not look directly at the light when looking up.
    Use of a side canopy is recommended.
  • Although the UV/Violet channels may not seem too bright at first glance,
    they emit very strong light energy and should never be looked at directly.
    In particular, the UV channel contains strong UV components that are invisible
    to the naked eye, and may cause blindness if you look directly into the light!
  • Do not cover the luminous surface during operation,
    or place the luminous surface face down on the floor or table.
    The acrylic sheet on the luminescent surface may melt or, in the worst case, may cause a fire.
  • This unit is not designed to be waterproof, so be careful not to submerge it in water, or expose it to excessive water.  This will void warranty.
  • If the LCD panel of the unit is blinking, the thermal protection may have been activated.
    In this case, please check if there is dust, or a foreign object clogging the fan screen cover or blocking the heat dissipation
    and try to remedy it.
    Once cleaned/ corrected, press any button on the unit, and the blinking will stop.