Powerbar 4 Outlet, STDL4-4 (US/CN)

Powerbar 4 Outlet, STDL4-4 (US/CN)


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GHL Powerbars feature on/off switching electrical loads for components such as heaterscooling devicessolenoid valves for CO2 control, or stream pumps.

Our Powerbars are designed specially for the aquarium hobby and produced to the highest quality and security standards.
The body of the Powerbars are made of high quality materials and premium grade insulating plastic to prevent electrical shock when touched after potential water contact. All installed components are UL certified and flame retardant.

The 4-way power strip STDL4-4 switches various electrical consumers such as heating elements, solenoid valves or cooling.

The integrated LEDs indicate the switching status of the individual outlets.

All sockets are separately switchable and protected.

Connected to S-Port of the ProfiLux.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 417 x 70 x 47 mm

Maximum current in total / per socket: 15 A / 15 A