Bass, Threeline Bass (Lipogramma trilineatum)

Bass, Threeline Bass (Lipogramma trilineatum)


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Threeline Bass
Lipogramma trilineatum

Can Tolerate a Range of Water Temperatures: 20⁰-28⁰C/68⁰-82.5⁰F

Collection Depth: 100-200 ft

Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Maximum Length: 1.5″

Range: Western Atlantic: southeastern Florida in the USA, and Bahamas to eastern Mexico and Curaçao.

Temperament: Cryptic/ Shy.  Should be kept in a twilight/ low light set up with non aggressive tankmates.  A small school of Chromis, or Dartfish, would help as dither fish.

Diet: Small, high quality dry and frozen foods.  We prefer PE Calanus, LRS Reef Frenzy Nano.

Coral Tank Compatibility: Safe/ pose no threat to corals.  They may consume small invertebrates/ clean up crew.

Aquarium Size: 10 gallons or greater