Up Aqua U-Series LED Light, 18” – Red Output

Up Aqua U-Series LED Light, 18” – Red Output


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Up Aqua U-Series Aquarium Light – Red Output 18”

-Slim design that provides elegant style

-High luminosity LED lamp

-Energy saving

-Environmentally friendly

-Long life

Up Aqua’s U-Series Aquarium light with red output is a great addition to your aquarium with tropical fish. The high luminance of the LED lamp generates multi-spectrum light which is specially designed for enhancing the color of all tropical fish. This light brings out the beautiful hues of red and blue, leading you to a vibrant aquarium!

PAR value: 185 @ 6″

PAR value: 55 @ 14″

Color Temperature: 10000k

Power consumption: 21W

Input power: 110 volt

LM: (R) 50LM/1PCS, (G) 15LM/1PCS, (B) 70LM/1PCS 40LM/1PCS

LED count: 6 x .5 watts and 6 x 3 watts

Warranty Info: All lighting shall be covered by a one year limited warranty.