Up Aqua UX-Series Planted LED Light, 36″ Wide

Up Aqua UX-Series Planted LED Light, 36″ Wide


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Up Aqua UX-Series Plant LED Light – Wide 36″

-Slim Design with elegance and style

-Two Clear Hinged Mounting Brackets

-Energy Saving

-Low Heat

-Environmentally friendly

-Long Life

Up Aqua’s UX-series Plant LED light is designed for planted aquariums. With the wider design, it covers more area and provides a better environment for plant growth. For maximum par ratings, this light includes a higher amount of low wattage LEDs to generate increased reliability. The light also features a diffuser which allows for a spread light spectrum.

This LED also features a flip hinge design giving easier access to the tank. Tests show better photosynthesis, growth, thicker leaves and stems in one month. The light is for aquariums up to 36″ in width.

PAR value: 215 @ 6″

PAR value: 68 @ 14″

LED count: 72 x .5 watts

Color Temperature: (R)625nM/12pcs; (G)525nM/4pcs; (W)4000-15000K/56pcs

Lumen: (R)20LM/12pcs; (G)40LM/4pcs; (W)80LM/56pcs

Power consumption: 36 watts

Input power: 110 volt

Clips to glass up to 17mm or 13/16″

Product measures 34 7/8″ x 4 5/16″ x 13/16″

Warranty Info: All lighting shall be covered by a one year limited warranty.