Up Aqua ZX-Series Planted LED Light, 48″ Wide

Up Aqua ZX-Series Planted LED Light, 48″ Wide


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Up Aqua ZX-Series LED Light 48″ – Plant

-Slim Design with elegance and style

-Clear acrylic mounting brackets

-Energy Saving

-Low Heat

-Environmentally friendly

-Long Life

Up Aqua’s ZX-series Plant LED light is designed to maintain a low profile, lending a sleek lighting option to your rimless aquarium. Adopt this multi-spectrum LED light to generate the natural light of the sun. With a color temperature of 5500-6000K, which fits the PAR (Photosynthetic Available Radiation) best, allows for optimum photosynthesis of all aquatic plants. For maximum par ratings, this light includes a higher amount of low wattage LEDs to generate increased reliability.

The light is in a fixed position and easy to setup and use. This light is designed for small aquariums measuring up to 48″ in width.

PAR value: 200 @ 6″

PAR value: 50 @ 14″

Color Temperature: (R)625nM/16pcs; (G)525nM/4pcs; (W)4000-15000K/60pcs

Lumen: (R)20LM/16pcs; (G)40LM/4pcs; (W)80LM/60pcs

Power consumption: 40 watts

Input power: 110 volt

LED count: 80 x .5 watts

Maximum outside tank dimension of 48.25″

Product measures 46 3/8” x 2 5/8″ x 5/8″

Clips to 8mm glass or 5/16″

Warranty Info: All lighting shall be covered by a one year limited warranty.