AZOO Ammonia (NH4/NH3) Test Kit

AZOO Ammonia (NH4/NH3) Test Kit


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AZOO Ammonia (NH4/NH3) Test Kit

-Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

AZOO’s Ammonia (NH4/NH3) Test Kit is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. It quickly and accurately measures the level of Ammonia present in water. Ammonia (NH4 /NH3) can occur from dissolved proteins, such as fish waste, residual food, and dead fish. This compound of nitrogen exists in forms of NH4 and NH3.

NH3 is extremely toxic to fish, however NH4 is non-toxic and can be reused by plants as a fertilizer. NH4 and NH3 will fluctuate with pH value.

NH4 level will be higher in acidic water conditions and the toxic NH3 ammonia level will be higher in alkaline water. In fresh and saltwater aquariums where pH value is above 7.5, NH4/NH3 ammonia testing becomes a very critical parameter. Each kit includes a sample vial, spoon, color comparison chart, liquid reagent, and reagent powder for 57 tests.


1. The tested value stands for total Ammonia which indicates the total NH4/NH3.
NH3 level will fluctuate with different pH values. So, it’s important to judge
the NH3 level with the color chart.
2. When the color is white, the levels are safe; grey is dangerous, and black
means that fish can not survive.

0~5 mg/l

Measurement Vial: 1
Reagent: 3
Test powder: 1
Spoon: 1
Color chart: 1