AZOO Plant Grower Bed Substrate, Black- 12lbs

AZOO Plant Grower Bed Substrate, Black- 12lbs


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AZOO Plant Grower Bed Substrate, Black – 12lbs

-Clarifies water for 12-18 months while helping to remove color like the brown water from driftwood

-Improves water quality

-Prolongs the time needed in many cases between water changes in planted aquariums

-Use 1 bag per every 10-15 gallons of water

-Covers approximately: 30″ x 12.5″ at 1″ deep; 20″ x 9.5″ at 2″ deep

-Multi size Black semi round pellets

AZOO’s Plant Grower Bed provides a stable nutrient base for aquatic plants to thrive in. The granular structure creates an open network of spaces to allow unrestricted growth for a healthy root system. The Grower Bed helps to keep pH stable in the aquarium and delivers nutrients for up to 18 months from initial planting setup. AZOO’s Grower bed is cleaner and clears faster than competing brands. It does not need to be rinsed. Considered the “Standard” to compare to by advanced hobbyists.

Made in Japan