Aquaforest Iodum, 50ml

Aquaforest Iodum, 50ml


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Iodum supplement containing concentrated iodine

Aquaforest Iodum will intensify green, dark blue, and purple coloration in SPS corals, and is also a crucial element for many other corals especially soft corals, gorgonians, and mushrooms.

Iodine is an essential part of any corals nutritional profile. Many different types of soft corals will greatly benefit from the addition of Iodum, by growing faster and showing more vibrant colors. Stony corals will have their green and blue hues enhanced with proper iodine concentrations too.



Add 1 drop of Iodum per 100 L (27 gal) per day

1 drop of Iodum raises iodine level by 0.01 ppm in 100 l of water.

Contains: Iodine

Caution: Overdosing may cause negative effects.