Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit

Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit


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Aquaforest TestPro Magnesium Test Kits are designed to quickly measure the concentration of magnesium (Mg) in marine aquariums. Magnesium plays an important role in many biological processes, e.g. takes part in the construction of hard coral’s calcium carbonate skeleton. Due to it’s unique chemical properties, it has significant impact on seawater buffering capacity, and also prevents excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate on aquarium equipment. Adequate levels of magnesium are crucial in maintaining proper calcium and alkalinity balance in reef aquaria. Magnesium levels should be analyzed regularly, together with other critical water parameters like calcium and alkalinity. The concentration of magnesium in natural seawater is between 1260-1500 mg/l (ppm). The Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform approx. 55-60 separate tests within that range.

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