Pax Bellum A.R.I.D. Calcium Reactor Injector – C30

Pax Bellum A.R.I.D. Calcium Reactor Injector – C30




c30 Ca Feed & Injection Assembly

Use the ARID with a Calcium Reactor. The Ca injection assembly (Ca Reactor Feed and Injection Assembly) is a compact manifold that threads directly into the water inlet on the base of the ARID c30. The assembly can be installed or removed at any time by the aquarist. This optional kit sends water directly to a Ca reactor, or peristaltic pump supplying the Ca reactor, and receives effluent from the Ca reactor.

This is accomplished by separating the high and low pressure ports by a user preset valve. The effluent coming from the calcium reactor passes through the included drip counter, and then enters the low pressure side of the calcium injection assembly where it mixes with the bulk of the water entering the ARID, making contact with the macro-algae where it is stripped of excess CO2 and PO4 before entering the reef system. This optional kit can increase the growth rate of your macroalgae and with it the nutrient uptake rate and dissolved oxygen production. Includes; manifold , drip counter, and 4 restriction discs. Note; omit disc when using with a peristaltic pump.


Compatible ARID models: c30

Inlet/Outlet port sizes: Calcium reactor supply and effluent ports (1/8” fnpt , 1/8”mnpt x1/4″ push fitting); system water supply ports (3/4”mnpt x 3/4”fnpt),