Flipper DeepSee Magnified Magnetic Aquarium Viewer, 5″ MAX

Flipper DeepSee Magnified Magnetic Aquarium Viewer, 5″ MAX


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The Aquarium Hobby’s #1 Magnetic Viewer is Now Available in a Larger Size

The DeepSee Viewer by Flipper debuted back in 2018. Rave reviews and jaw-dropping photos quickly began to circulate. In the blink of an eye, the original DeepSee with its 4” magnifying lens became the top-selling aquarium viewer in the world. Now it’s common to see the DeepSee on beautiful display tanks in booths at aquarium shows like Reef-A-Palooza and MACNA, as vendors try to entice passersby to come over and peer a look into their aquariums.

With buzz still going strong and customer requests rolling in for both smaller and larger sizes, Flipper obliged and released the DeepSee Nano first which has a 3” magnetic viewing portal. Now fast-forward to the present to 2020. Flipper once again gives hobbyists exactly what they’re asking for with the release of their biggest magnetic viewer yet: the DeepSea Max which boasts a 5” window to see into your tank like never before.

5 Reasons Why DeepSee Viewers are the Preferred Choice for Hobbyists

Flipper is known for its creative approach to product development. The most prominent example is their patented 2-in-1 scrubber/scraper algae cleaners. Flipper didn’t invent algae magnet cleaners. They just took a great idea and made it even better. Similarly, the Flipper team already had an appreciation for magnifying coral viewers. The options available at the time worked well enough, but never really took off in the aquarium hobby. So while the concept is undeniably cool, cracking the code that turns a novelty into a “must-have” accessory is what would be required to succeed where others had failed.

What Makes DeepSee Viewers So Appealing?

  1. They are the most affordable magnetic viewers in the aquarium industry.
  2. They are easy-to-use. People understand how they work and can install it without instructions.
  3. They are lightweight and portable. It’s easy to move to different areas of your tank or travel with to see a friend’s aquarium, see corals up close at a frag swap, or inspect prospective new additions to your tank at the local fish store.
  4. They bring joy and satisfaction to people in a challenging hobby. Seeing fish, corals, and inverts up close makes people fall in love with the hobby all over again. There is so much more beauty to behold when observing life through the DeepSee that you’ll almost feel like you’re seeing your aquarium for the first time.
  5. They make it far easier to capture the intricacies and detail of sea life in a photograph. The magnetic lens and large viewing area can make mobile phone photos look like they were shot with an expensive macro lens.

Here’s What You Need to Know about the Flipper DeepSea Max

The DeepSee Max is the latest and largest magnetic aquarium viewer from Flipper which features an optical-grade 5” viewing portal. Its focal range is between 8” to j12”, so it’s the perfect camera accessory to level up your aquarium photography. You’ll feel like a National Geographic photographer as you capture stunning macro shots and extreme close-ups of all the residents in your reef. The DeepSee Max is a completely hands-free tool that stays securely in place using super-strong rare earth magnets. You can even keep the DeepSee Max attached to your tank 24/7 just as you would an algae magnet cleaner. That way, it’s always ready to peer into and discover something new in your aquarium. Beyond merely getting a better look at the undersea animals in your care, the DeepSee Max can also help you spot early signs of disease and unwanted reef pests. Because the DeepSee Max is so easy to move around or even remove and reattach to another tank, you can place it on hospital and quarantine systems to closely examine new arrivals or monitor the health of a sick fish you are treating. The DeepSee Max will safely attach to glass and acrylic aquariums up to ⅝” (16mm) thick. You’ll find all sorts of creative and useful ways to use the DeepSee Max plus friends and family will love it, too. Kids are particularly enchanted by the magnetic viewer and will eagerly explore your underwater world which can be a great bonding and learning experience.

Flipper Deep Sea Max Key Selling Points:

  • 5″ optical-grade magnifying lens with 3X magnification
  • Great for aquarium photography
  • Lens focal range between 8″ to 12″ (20-30cm)
  • Strong rare earth magnets for easy positioning anywhere in your tank
  • Great for larger aquariums
  • It can be used on any enclosed animal habitats. Get a better look at your reptiles!