Flipper Max ABS Replacement Blades, 3pk

Flipper Max ABS Replacement Blades, 3pk


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ABS Scraper Blades for Acrylic Aquariums

Each package contains 3 ABS plastic scraper blades designed for acrylic tanks. Available for Large and MAX Flipper Cleaners.

Blade Replacement Instructions

Three replacement ABS blades to be used in the Flipper Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner on acrylic tanks. These ABS replacement scraper blades are designed with an ultra low profile making it easy to clean the hard to reach areas of the tank! Blades are interchangeable and replaceable.

Lift the blade tabs up and push or pull the blade off by the tabs. Do not grab the sharp metal or plastic edges of the blade when removing. The new blade simply snaps on and can only be attached in one direction.