AquaLife Reef Cafe 12oz Bottle with Pump

AquaLife Reef Cafe 12oz Bottle with Pump


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Reef Cafe 12 oz EMPTY bottle, pump included.

Reef Cafe- a totally new concept in Reef Nutrition! Now your customers can customize and vary their reef diets with our unique Reef Cafe shots. Reef Cafe shots are specially blended with fresher, whole ingredients. Economical and environmentally friendly, Reef Cafe is a full revolution in reef nutrition.

-Reef Cafe Brew Base – A solution of inorganic ions, micronutrients, and stabilizers used for mixing and dispensing the other three components.

-Reef Cafe Amino Shot – A shelf-stable concentrate formulated from four purified L-amino acids known to be preferentially absorbed by corals. Fortified with vitamin C and simple sugars, Amino Shot helps enhance coral coloration, enhances tissue regeneration, and aids in the metabolic elimination of phosphate and nitrate from the aquarium.

-Reef Cafe Phyto-Frappe – Concentrated, shelf-stable phytoplankton food, including whole cells and cell fragments of Spirulina and Chlorella algae, both carefully cultured and processed to retain maximum nutritional value.

-Reef Cafe Zoo-ka Moka – A zooplankton food consisting of whole freeze dried copepods and processed copepod products in concentrated form in a shelf-stable liquid.
Another essential Reef Cafe component is the convenient, refillable dispensing bottle, with room on the label for the customer’s name, or other customized information. Each bottle of AquaLife Reef Cafe can be custom-formulated. We offer suggested recipes as starting points. Dealers and customers are invited to experiment with the components to develop foods that meet their individual needs.

1 shot = 1 ounce


Recipe A is perfect for mixed reef tanks with fish, a variety of corals and other invertebrates. 12 oz.

Phyto-Frappe-3 pumps
Zoo-Ka-Moka-2 pumps
Amino Shot-1 pump
Brew Base- 6 pumps

Recipe B provides excellent nutrition to reef tanks with mostly SPS or soft corals, clams and other phytoplankton consumers. 12 oz.

Phyto-Frappe- 3 pumps
Zoo-Ka-Moka- 1 pump
Amino Shot- 2 pumps
Brew Base- 6 pumps

Recipe C is the choice for reef tanks with mostly LPS corals or other zooplankton consumers. 12 oz.

Phyto-Frappe- 1 pump
Zoo-Ka-Moka- 3 pumps
Amino-Shot- 2 pumps
Brew Base- 6 pumps