We are amazed with the sudden availability of some “out of this world” fish to the US market, that we have reserved for pre order.

This is just the beginning of some outstanding specimens;

Liopropoma japonicum (Japanese Basslet) First US offering

Opistognathus hopkinsi (Hopkin’s Jawfish) First US offering

Centropyge abei (Abe’s Angelfish) A Coral Sea rarity, and one of the most difficult twilight zone pygmy angelfish to acquire.

Prognathodes geminus (Gemini butterfly) A recently described butterflyfish that maintains well in captivity.

Odontanthias wassi (Abyss Anthias) First US offering

We are working on releasing an entirely new realm of deep water fish as well, including;

Halieutaea stellata (Stellate Batfish)

Chaunax sp (Deep Water Toadfish)

Please feel free to contact us to reserve any of these specimens, or to discuss acquiring future display specimens.