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Drygood Shortages

We wanted to put a note up that many major suppliers are experiencing delays, and shortages, and it has been difficult to keep up with inventory.

AutoAqua is not expected for at least 60 days, with no port arrival time given currently.

AquaForest keeps getting delayed, and is now anticipated to land in about 3-4 weeks, putting ship out mid to late April.

Ultum is best preordered currently, as cans are sold out before they land. Many of the smaller items like lids/ clips will be available on the mid/ late April can arrival.

Maxspect Lights, and ICV6 Controllers are now delayed until early June.

Custom tanks are at an all time high/ backed up. Expect up to 12 week turnaround times on your custom builds.

We will update as we receive confirmations.

Thank you for your patience, and support!

October Updates:

Thank you to all of you that have been waiting on several product lines coming from overseas.

We have been battling low inventory from several manufacturers, and wanted to announce that AquaForest is back in, and we are working on updating inventory now.

Some high demand, and hot items of interest back in are Life Source, and the Component Series!

We would also like to thank many of you for your patience as we switched our processing service, and have had a few glitches to work out of the past two weeks, and hope most are now resolved! Not all of our orders were getting to processing/ delivery properly, and it took the IT crew some time to correct the changes.

Happy ordering!!!

Rarities galore!

We are amazed with the sudden availability of some “out of this world” fish to the US market, that we have reserved for pre order.

This is just the beginning of some outstanding specimens;

Liopropoma japonicum (Japanese Basslet) First US offering

Opistognathus hopkinsi (Hopkin’s Jawfish) First US offering

Centropyge abei (Abe’s Angelfish) A Coral Sea rarity, and one of the most difficult twilight zone pygmy angelfish to acquire.

Prognathodes geminus (Gemini butterfly) A recently described butterflyfish that maintains well in captivity.

Odontanthias wassi (Abyss Anthias) First US offering

We are working on releasing an entirely new realm of deep water fish as well, including;

Halieutaea stellata (Stellate Batfish)

Chaunax sp (Deep Water Toadfish)

Please feel free to contact us to reserve any of these specimens, or to discuss acquiring future display specimens.

One of our all time favorite corals, Trachyphyllia radiata, in a rainbow of colors.

We thought we would do some teasing, and display some of the incredible color variation showing up on open brain corals in the US market. These are typically collected in deeper water than their close relatives, Trachyphyllia geoffroyi, with an average collection depth of 30-40 meters.

By far one of the easiest large polyp stony corals for aquarists to start with and keep for decades, these solitary corals do best on the substrate, or bottom of the aquarium, require low to medium PAR levels (75-150), prefer regular feedings of large micron/ large food items such as chopped clam, chopped mussel, chopped fish flesh, LRS Reef Frenzy, or similar high quality frozen foods, 2-3 times per week.

As with most corals in captivity, stable tropical temperatures near 78°F, stable near natural specific gravity (1.025-1.0264/ 35ppt), and stable calcium (420-440ppm), magnesium (1360-1440ppm), and alkalinity (7.5-8.5dkH) are advised.

Avoid fish that nip, such as butterflyfish, and angelfish, as these corals regularly fall victim to opportunistic feeders such as these.

Welcome to Advanced Aquatic Ecosystems!

Paracentropyge boylei image via Yi-Kai Tea.

We are in the process of upgrading our website, and will be a work in progress. Please be patient, and check in regularly for us to be fully updated, and fully operational.

We specialize in rare, aberrant, and deepwater ornamental marine fish acquisitions for the public and private aquarium trade.

We are uploading a vast amount of specialty life support equipment, additives, testing equipment, custom aquariums, and general aquarium supplies to the webpage as well.

Chartered dives will resume November of 2020, barring any pandemic issues, and we anticipate some amazing twilight dives for long awaited fish and inverts!